SOFIA GEIDEBY, little faktory

I would like to categorize my way of working into 2 groups.
1 - Trust, salon/everyday / daily work
2 - A fantasy world, characters/models/competitions/photoshoots

1 - Trust
In my everyday work when I'm at the salon with clients and doing less creative tasks, I usually create based on the moment's inspiration, tuning into where the customer/model is at and what they can carry off. Often, ideas come up in conversation with my customer/model. Sometimes there are significant changes, sometimes minor ones. Small changes can be perceived as significant when it comes to hair and appearance. I feel most comfortable having the freedom and the ability to change direction during the process. "I feel at my best when it feels a bit scary and when you're not quite sure where you're heading." Trust the process. When the plan for my job is completely rigid and planned step by step with a clear approach and method, I usually feel restricted and bored. I like to call this technique "trust." For magic to happen, both my client/model and I must have complete trust in each other. That's when my creativity shines the brightest!!!

2 - Fantasy World
I use this technique when I create characters, and in this process, I often visualize my models in different worlds. Since I always have some new hair techniques waiting to be used in various contexts, I try to match the hair technique/model with the world. From there, I look at pictures/movies/listen to music that transports me into the fictional world. This is a process that is both wonderful and painful. I often struggle with myself when I push myself into spaces I've never been to before. It's a kind of love-hate relationship with the creative process. This is where I grow, and create things I've never done before... like when I won "Avant-garde of the Year" this year.



Behind the mask

A portrait series exploring identity, passion and dreams.