LISA BORG, artistic director

As I am the sun, my life involves spreading sunshine on Earth, and on the people around me. It takes time and creativity. And as the center of the universe, I make it my responsibility not to do what or how everybody else does it. I’m always trying to find new ways of doing things, I try to look at things differently. Staying true to myself. I’ve never cared about what anybody else thinks of me or my work. I’m guessing that it is some kind of freedom, that I’ve heard not everybody possesses. Isn’t that sad?

I'm a firm believer that being a creative person is a choice you make. To be creative or not. But, the thing is, you can never be a creative person if you are a lazy ass bitch (I’m sorry, I don’t make the rules — just kidding I kinda do) But, I'm guessing that’s why people choose not to because people are in general L-A—AA-A-Z-Y. Lazy people bore me.

Behind the mask

A portrait series exploring identity, passion and dreams.