Tell us a something about yourself?

We are all born with a background or a platform, a set of values, a way we interpret our surroundings. No one is free from traditions and cultural heritage. The question is how you can separate yourself from that heritage? When I was younger, I never wanted to be labeled as part of a group or a collective. I have always valued my integrity and I have used it to be free.My work has always been about simplifying and reducing and I think it sometimes has been mistaken for rigidness. I would not describe myself as rigid but rather accurate and precise.

Do you separate yourself form your design?

For me it is difficult to separate myself from my work. I could never design an object that I could not live with myself. I have a strong relationship to my work.

Do you consider yourself an artist or a designer?

I have always seen myself as a designer and never an artist. I value the fact that an object can be reproduced in exactness.

What is your method of design?

My cornerstones are beauty, function, production and value. When I start a new design process, I like to understand what the constraints are. A designer needs to take in consideration the properties of a material and the methods of production. I mix in function and aesthetics and strive to find a balance between the two. I believe that within these boundaries you can find infinity. In a way it’s a paradox that the constraints set you free.

Tell us something about your work with glass?

I have always praised the transparent quality of glass. When I mix matt and clear surfaces I enhance and spotlight the transparency. In the contrast between the two you see the clarity. Without white there is no black.

Behind the mask

A portrait series exploring identity, passion and dreams.