Fredrik Nielsen wearing sunglasses Joy OM5 and Darryl OM5

Who are you?
I work with glass, for more than 20 years…since 1998… it’s my amplifier. It’s the only thing I am really good at…glass is my color. Volume of the object…I am very interested in room and space.

Why glass?
The beauty of glass is the translucency that consumes light. The ability to glue…it’s the world’s best glue…I am obsessed with the possibility to revisit old work. I am interested in the ability of layering. Layers do not show but charges the work legacy…

The volume and character changes when the object changes temperature…

When working in a material for a long time its start to become part of your expression. The intelligence of your hands and your silent knowledge.

I can always rework a old work…modify and revitalize.

What is the style of the old work?
Abstract expressionist. Layering…Contemporary expression…reflects my time…mirror my impressions.

What are the themes or subjects of your work?
Perceptual is prime and conceptual is secondary.

Immediate impression.

Le Journal – Picasso – the entry to the expression…

I stage the room…control and guide the spectator. I use pallets as a podium…it is what it is…

Independent from your background you can enjoy art without taking anything out of it. It’s a free zone where you do not need to explain or understand what you are experiencing.

What is the impact of your work?
As a finalist in the Loew foundation 2022, Soul, I was clearly having an impact on the perception of glass art. I am using the material in a untraditional way…it’s not about beauty or function…I only use it as a martial for sculpturing. I use the adhesiveness and fluidity of the material…its fast to work with.

Why do you spray your number on everything?
When we all start out we have no experience and no quality…I was not able to paint…I wanted to create a personal space. My number was the most accessible thing.

The joy of “repeating” can lead to the unexpected… repeating a concept will alter the spectator’s point of view.

Behind the mask

A portrait series exploring identity, passion and dreams.