Eco-friendly eyewear

Our commitment to the environment

Oscar Magnuson is an ethical and environmentally forward-thinking company. All eyewear frames are made from plant-based bio-acetate and all lenses are made from BioNylon, also plant-based. We take pride in presenting our products in minimalist packaging to reduce waste. Oscar Magnuson strives to use natural materials and processes with minimal waste.


Bio-Acetate Frames

All Oscar Magnuson frames are formed from an environmentally sound bio-acetate called M49. It is composed of a cellulose acetate combined with a plasticizer of vegetable origin. The cellulose originates from wood pulp sourced from Forest Stewardship Council plantations – a renewable and environmental source. The plant-based plasticizer improves workability, flexibility and toughness. M49 bio-acetate is biodegradable – it meets the UNI-EN-ISO 14855-2: 2018 standard. Bio-acetate is the most environmentally sound material for eyewear from production through to end of use. Read more about M49 here.


BioNylon Lenses in all Oscar Magnuson frames

BioNylon is made with an ecological resin derived from castor oil. The castor plant is grown in semi-arid areas which do not compete with farming crops. An electrical press is used in production lines and the entire production process requires less energy that the production of a classic lens, resulting in reduced CO2 emissions. BioNylon has excellent transparency and light transmission; high chemical, thermal and stress resistance; is BPA and phthalate free and fully recyclable.



Oscar Magnuson frames come in beautiful vegetable-tanned leather cases sourced from a local Swedish eco-processing tannery which works only with byproduct material. Packaging is kept to an absolute bare minimum to reduce waste.  


Made to Last

Oscar Magnuson eyewear is designed and crafted with meticulous attention to detail and an exceptional level of quality. With the proper care, these high quality precision frames will last a long time. That’s part of the plan.


All in Europe

Oscar Magnuson eyewear is designed in Sweden and made in Italy. Choosing European suppliers helps us to reduce our C02 emissions.